Keep Doggy Boredom At Bay

Updated: May 13, 2019

Did you know that mentally stimulating games or challenges such as find the treat, puzzle games and teaching new tricks can entertain and tire your dog out just as much as taking them for a long walk!

Mental stimulation is just as important for your pup as physical exercise and can be a handy alternative when factors such as bad weather can hinder your doggos usual outdoor exercise time. Next time you are at home with your dog try one of these helpful games to help keep doggy boredom at bay;

Find The Treat - Start with placing the treats close by and in sight and helping your dog "find them" by using a command such as "find the treats" or "go find". After a few rounds start placing the treats further away and then start hiding them out of sight. Your dog will soon learn the command and start to understand the game of seeking out the hidden treats using their incredible sense of smell. Keep the excitement up and your dog will soon learn to love this game, and will probably become a treat finding expert!

Treat Dispensers and Puzzle Toys - There are many treat dispensers and puzzle toys on the market to choose from and they are a great way to keep your dogs mind stimulated as they figure out how to get to the treats inside. Handy hint; get a mix of puzzle toys and treat dispensers and mix it up for your dog so they get something a bit different each time. Changing up the treats as well is a great way to keep them interested, one day it could be chicken, the next peanut butter!

Teaching new tricks - Try a game of catch the treat, teach your doggo the names of toys and get them to go fetch them by name, or teach a new command such as roll over or shake. There are many different tricks and commands you can teach your dog through positive reinforcement and rewards. Dogs love to learn and can pick up new tricks quite quickly. Teaching your dog a new command or trick and building upon that skill is a great confidence booster and mental stimulator for your furry friend!


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