Staying Cool on Hot Summer Days

Dogs do not sweat and cool themselves down through panting which can pose a health threat on hot summer days when temperatures can get too hot for your dog to efficiently cool its body temperature.

Here are some hot tips to keep your fur babies cool during summer;

- On the extremely hot and humid days, the best thing to do is keep your dogs inside in the aircon or cooler air. Heatstroke can happen quite quickly when dogs are outside in hot temperatures. Any days over 25 Celcius (77 Fahrenheit) and your dog may start to suffer from the heat if exposed to it for too long.

- If your dogs are outside, make sure there is plenty of shade and extra water, use buckets or multiple dog bowls for water in case any bowls are accidentally knocked over.

- Add bowls of ice in addition to your bowls of water, they can be a fun treat for your doggo to stay cool.

- Fill a doggy paddling pool for your dogs to play in and cool down.

- Fill a kong with a filling such as peanut butter and freeze it for a tasty frozen treat.

- Swims in the pool or the ocean are always a fun and active way to keep cool in the heat, always take plenty of water and shade with you to the beach.

- Walk early morning or evening to avoid the heat of the day, pavements and tarmac surfaces can heat up super quickly and burn paw pads. Exercising in daytime temperatures can cause heat exhaustion.

- Take extra care with short-nosed breeds such as pugs and bulldogs as theses breeds have an extra hard time in the heat due to them being unable to regulate their body temperature as easily through panting.

- If you suspect heat exhaustion or heat stroke visit your vet straight away; symptoms include excessive vigorous panting, dizziness and disorientation, inability to move or loss of conciousness and thick saliva.

We hope you have a PAWtastic summer and stay cool, happy and healthy on all your summer adventures!


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